Cappadocia Tour from Antalya (2 Days)

Cappadocia Tour from Antalya (2 Days)

Antalya Cappadocia tour which will last for 2/3 days is an amazing option to visit one of the most popular touristic places of Turkey, Cappadocia.

Especially if you are in Antalya to enjoy a holiday by swimming and sunbathing, you may want to change your mood and diversify your holiday by learning cultural and historical background of other places such as Cappadocia, the cradle of many civilizations.

Thus, have a nice break on your program (if you have one), and let us meet you one of the World Heritages approved by UNESCO.


  • Adults: 60 €
  • Children (7-12): 60 €
  • Infants (3-6): 0 €
DeparturePick up from your hotel
Departure Time
  • Tour Days:Monday Tuesday Saturday
  • Time: 03:00

Please note that all of our tours and activities include free pickup and drop off services for all participants. As such, collecting all participants might sometimes take longer than expected causing delays regarding the start and end of our tours. We kindly request all participants be ready for pickup and drop off by the shuttle service in the time frame specified here. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tour Programme – Pick Up
– Avasun Village
– Ürünlü Village
– Altinbesik Cave National Park
– Sarihacilar köyü
– Return
What is included? ✓Free Hotel Transfer
 ✓Professional Guiding
 ✓Hotel Accomodation
 ✓Full Insurance
What is not included? ✗Goreme Open Air Museum Entrance Fee
 ✗Underground City Entrance Fee
 ✗Cappadocia Hot-Air Balloon (Extra Service)
 ✗Dervishes Ceremony (Extra Service)
 ✗Turkish Night Show (Extra Service)
 ✗Personal Spendings
What to bring with you? 💼   Sun Creams
💼   Sun Glasses
💼   Hat
💼   Extra Clothes & Comfortable Shoes
💼   Camera

Cappadocia Tour from Antalya

Since Antalya Cappadocia tour is not a daily tour, it requires a well-designed preparation session. Firstly, you need to do be sure that you have comfortable clothes and shoes with you, because there will be a lot of walking.

Secondly, do not forget to bring a hat, sun cream and sun glasses (also the swimsuit and towel); or clothes that are designed to keep you warm; since the must-be-visited areas in Cappadocia are outdoors generally.

And lastly, do not to forget to charge your camera and phone before we leaving: Cappadocia is a source of landscape photography!

Before the Tour

After picking you up from your hotel by our fully-equipped and comfortable vehicle at the early hours in the morning, we will depart from Antalya.

In Side, a district of Antalya, we will have a little break and get in a bigger bus to be more comfortable for this long-term travelling experience. Then, our Cappadocia tour begins!

The First Day of Antalya Cappadocia Tour

The Mevlana Museum

Dedicated to the most popular dervish, which can be described as a religious man who is connected to God with a divine love and who seeks for finding peace to worship in their inner self in Islam, Mevlana Museum has a lot of information and leavings from pioneer of the Islamic mysticism, Mevlana Jelaleddin Rumi. In the first day and stop of our Antalya Cappadocia excursion, you will start to learn about different cultures already.

The Caravansary

In our second stop, we will visit the Caravansary which has been used as an accommodation point by the ancient travelers or tradesmen. Thus, here, we will get knowledge about the importance of the Silk Road, the trading traditions and livings of those people. When we are done, we will move to the Saratli Kirkgoz Underground City.

Saratli Kirkgoz Underground City

In the boundaries of Cappadocia, Saratli Kirkgoz Underground City is a visible proof of the effort to survive from the invades in those time period. In there, basically, you will explore a city that is made of carved-rock and divided into parts to be able to live together, away from the danger of the warriors and soldiers. This significant place is the last stop in our first day of Antalya Cappadocia tour.

The Hotel

After leaving the underground city, we will drive to our hotel which is located in Cappadocia, and you will be able to get some rest and prepare to the next day. In the morning, we will have a delicious breakfast here and leave to start our second day in Antalya Cappadocia excursion.

The Second Day of Antalya Cappadocia Tour

The Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride

Flight in a hot air balloon which is not included in the regular extent of the tour is purchasable if you are interested in. Actually, it should be experienced, since you are already in Cappadocia; and it will give you breathtaking moments for 1 hour, by floating in the sky and viewing the unique landscape. Thus, you can book it online to add it to the Antalya Cappadocia tour.

Uchisar Castle & The Lunch

Uchisar Castle, known as the largest fairy chimney of Goreme, will be the other stop in the Antalya Cappadocia tour. We will enter to the chimney and view the Goreme with a panoramic angle. This amazing experience will be crowned with many photos, and then, it will be followed by eating delicious Turkish meals in the nearby restaurant.

The Cavusin Village

Next, in Cavusin Village, we will explore one of the oldest towns of Cappadocia; also, it is an important place for Christianity with its story. Surely, you will learn about it in details and find the chance for viewing the unique carved-buildings all over the geographical formations.

The Love Valley

After leaving Cavusin Village, we will arrive to the Love Valley. As deserving being the last stop of our second day in Antalya Cappadocia tour, Love Valley allows you to observe different types of chimneys or other rock formations along the whole valley. Here, try to take artistic landscape photographs since it is the best place for it. Then, we will depart from this point to get to our hotel.

The Hotel & Turkish Night/Whirling Dervishes

At the hotel, we will have a dinner which is prepared with tasty foods and then, you can either get some rest or join to the Turkish Night to watch the professional show of the whirling dervishes. This event is not included in the tour, yet, you can book it online and enjoy the traditional and amazing scenes of the night.

In the morning, we will have a nice breakfast and leave the hotel to spend our third day in Antalya Cappadocia tour.

The Third Day of Antalya Cappadocia Tour

Avanos & Kizilirmak River & Three Beauties

After leaving the hotel with our full stomachs, we will reach Avanos Village which is famous for its pottery production. In there, we will visit one of the pottery workshops and learn about the secrets of the pottery art from the masters.

Next, we will stop at Kizilirmak River to observe this natural beauty and to take photos of it. Then, we will get on the bus and get to Three Beauties, the place to see one of the most unique shapes of chimney.

After this interesting and exiting travel in Three Beauties, we will get on the bus again and say goodbye to Cappadocia, the householder of our lovely Antalya Cappadocia excursion.

The End of Cappadocia Tour

On our way to Antalya, we will stop somewhere to have a lunch and then continue to go. The time when you will be at your hotel in Antalya will be around 6 P.M; then, you will be free to get rest or to enjoy other activities in Antalya. Therefore, you will have a lot of time to remember amazing moments of Antalya Cappadocia tour.

If you like the program, you can book it online with the extras or not; and surely, you will love it if you enroll in. For the further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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